Associated 80935 RC8B3.1 Factory Team 1:8 Nitro Buggy Unassembled Race Spec Kit

Manufacturer - TEAM ASSOCIATED
Scale - 1/8
Retail Price - $899.99
Details - This listing is for ONE (1) Team Associated Factory Team RC8B3.1 1:8 Scale 4WD Nitro Off Road Buggy Kit #ASC80935

1:8 Scale Nitro 4WD Off Road Competition Buggy Kit
In the hyper-competitive world of 1:8 scale nitro off road racing one has to evolve and adapt or get left in the dust. Knowing this fact well, the engineers of Area 51 designed the RC8B3.1 Team Kit to be a winner in every aspect, from the build, to maintenance, and ultimately racing.
World class drive-train and suspension package. The RC8B3.1 features new H.T.C. (High Torque Capacity) differentials with increased fluid capacity and a more consistent feel lap after lap. Precision CVA drive shafts are included front and rear to keep suspension travel free through the entire stroke, and power transfer is provided by an all-new, easy-to-maintain, 4-shoe clutch. The RC8B3.1 has been thoroughly revamped with all of the performance upgrades that led the AE Factory Team to a stand-out year in the 1:8 category, with multiple wins including a national championship!
The RC8B3.1's suspension and drive-train package is bolted to a hard-anodized 7075-T6 aluminum chassis designed for optimum weight distribution, ground clearance, and better overall handling. As a result, the RC8B3.1 Team Kit changes directions faster, and is more compliant and stable in rough terrain.
All of these improvements resulted in a car that is easier to drive, more consistent lap after lap, and suits a wider variety of tracks.
Designed to handle, built to win. The RC8B3.1 was designed by 1:8 scale racers for 1:8 scale racers, and delivers high performance that will help put you on the podium.

New 4-shoe clutch provides precise power transfer and is easy to maintain
Optional spring rates and clutch bells allow custom tuning for varying grip levels
H.T.C. (High Torque Capacity) differentials offer increased fluid capacity and a more consistent feel lap after lap
94mm CVA driveshafts increase traction and chassis support
Suspension arms have been updated to modern race specs
Anti-roll linkage curves have been altered to provide more chassis support throughout the suspension travel
All suspension arm pivots have been revised for more ground clearance, resulting in better jumping and landing while also improving durability
16mm Big Bore 6061 aluminum shock bodies with bleeder style caps
New shock springs (20mm I.D.)
Highly efficient drivetrain utilizes straight-cut gears to provide great acceleration and increased run time
Hard-anodized 7075 aluminum chassis with keyed lower suspension plates
Enclosed receiver box
Full Factory Team rubber-sealed ball bearings
Easily accessible front and rear differentials
Pro-Line(R) "Predator" body included

Vehicle Specifications
Power Source:  Nitro Fuel
Terrain:  Off-Road
Body Style:  Buggy
Scale Size:  1:8 Scale
Assembly Level:  Kit*
Length:  488mm (19.21in)
Width:  varies
Wheelbase:  327.5mm (12.89in)
Weight:  varies
Drive:  4WD

* This vehicle comes as a kit and must be fully assembled by the user. Electronics and/or an engine/motor may be required.

Required to Complete
.21 class rear exhaust engine
Exhaust system: muffler and header joining pack, or muffler spring (#28045 or #28049 recommended)
2-channel radio/transmitter set with switch - FM/PCM/2.4GHz recommended
Transmitter batteries
4.8-7.4v receiver battery pack: 1) either flat or hump style NiMH battery; 2) either 1600mAh LiPo or
2100mAh LiPo or 1700 LiFe battery recommended
Model car fuel (30% nitro recommended)
Fuel bottle
Glow igniter
Starter box
1:8 scale buggy tires
1:8 scale buggy wheels
CA (cyanoacrylic) glue
Polycarbonate-specific spray paint or polycarbonate-specific bottled paint and airbrush
Thread-locking compound
Needle-nose pliers
Hobby knife
Reamer or hole punch for making holes in body
Ride height gauge
Steering servo
Throttle servo