MIP 16060 Roller Pucks Bi-Metal R-CVD 17.5 Drive System Associated B6 B6D Buggy

Manufacturer - MIP
Material - STEEL / ALUMINUM  
Retail Price - $100.00

Details -
This Listing is for One (1) MIP #16060 "Roller Pucks" Bi-Metal CVD Drive Axle System for the Associated B6 / B6D as shown.

MIP Associated B5/B6 Roller "Pucks" Bi-Metal Drive System features a two piece bi-metal outdrive design that is comprised of both 7075–T6 aluminum and high-grade heat tempered machine steel. This diff alone will shed 30% off of your OEM rotating mass, which equates to quicker acceleration without compromising strength. Because the diff outputs are steel, they are fully compatible with MIP Roller Pucks which have a 360-degree wear pattern and are 100% replaceable. Ditch 30% of your rotating mass and keep more money in your pocket with MIP’s Bi-Metal Drive system for your modified B5 and B6 series buggy.

Features -
Quicker acceleration
Less overall wear on drive components
Run lighter outdrives in your modified vehicle without destroying them
Replaceable Roller Pucks™ to keep drivetrain fresh
Race Proven C-CVD™ Construction
Two sets of holes in the C-CVD™ bell
100% Quality made in the USA!

Includes -
(2) MIP Confetti Sticker
(1) MIP Inst. Sheet
(1) MIP Thread Gel Safety Sheet
(1) Support Parts Inst Sheet
(4) 1-72x1/8 Button Head BHCS
(8) 1/10th Modified MIP Roller Pucks
(3) 1/10th Modified MIP Roller Puck Pin
(1) Supplement Inst.
(4) 10x12x1mm MIP Diff Spacer
(1) MIP Inst Sheet Spacer
(2) 6x8x1mm MIP Axle Spacer
(7) 1/16” Chrome Steel Ball Bearing
(2) Diff Ring Washer
(14) 3/32” Gr. 25 Tungsten Carbide Diff Ball
(1) #2 Hardened Washer
(1) Diff Lube & Grease Cup
(1) 1/4x9/32 Diff Spring
(1) 2-56x.925 Shoulder Diff Screw
(1) MIP Thrust Retainer
(2) 5x8x2.5mm Bearing
(1) .250 Bore MIP T-Nut Housing
(1) .250 Bore MIP T-Nut Insert
(1) MIP Lube & Thread Gel Cup
(2) MIP Pucks R-CVD Shiny Bone
(1) MIP Pucks Bi-Metal Outdrive Cup Male
(1) MIP Pucks Bi-Metal Outdrive Cup Female
(2) MIP Bi-Metal Outdrive Hub

Fits -
Team Associated B6 / B6D Buggy

Note -
Use our Team Xtreme Ultra-Light cut gears for additional weight reduction & parasitic drag on your 17.5 stock application.