MIP 16080 Pucks Bi-Metal R-CVD 17.5 Drive System Associated B6 B6D Buggy

Manufacturer - MIP
Material - STEEL / ALUMINUM  
Retail Price - $100.00

Details -
This Listing is for One (1) MIP #16080 "Pucks" Bi-Metal CVD Drive Axle System for the Associated B6 / B6D as shown.

MIP "Pucks" Associated B5/B6 17.5 Drive System eliminates nearly 50% rotating mass from the B6 drivetrain. If you’re racing stock the quicker acceleration and reduced motor fade will give you a competitive advantage. When you figure in the extended lifespan and easily serviced pucks, you also benefit through less wear on your drivetrain. The package includes all the necessary diff components (except gear), as well as tungsten carbide diff balls, making this the ultimate 17.5 upgrade for your B6, B6D, or B5M.

Features -
Quicker acceleration
Less Motor Fade
Less overall wear on drive components
Replaceable Pucks™ to keep drivetrain fresh
Race Prove Bi-Metal Bone Construct
Tungsten Carbide Diff Balls
100% Quality made in the USA!

Includes -
(2) MIP Confetti Sticker
(1) MIP Inst. Sheet Pucks
(1) MIP Thread Gel Safety Sheet
(1) Support part Inst. Sheet
(6) 1-72 x 1/8 Button Head Screw
(3) 1-72 x .250 Cap Screw
(8) MIP Outdrive Puck
(3) MIP CVD Puck Pin
(7) 1/16” Steel Ball Bearing
(2) Diff Ring Washer
(14) 3/32” Tungsten Carbide diff Ball
(1) #2 Hardened Washer
(1) diff lube & grease cup
(1) ¼ x 9/32 Diff Spring
(1) 2-56 x .925 Diff Screw Shoulder
(1) .236 Alum. Bore MIP Thrust Retainer
(2) 5mm x 8mm x 2.5mm Bearing
(1) MIP T-Nut Housing
(1) MIP T-Nut Insert
(1) MIP Lube & Thread Gel Cup
(2) MIP Bi Metal R-CVD Bone
(1) MIP Pucks Alum. Male Outdrive
(1) MIP Pucks Alum. Female Outdrive
(2) MIP Bi-Metal R-CVD Yoke

Fits -
Team Associated B6 / B6D Buggies

Note -
Use our Team Xtreme Ultra Light Cut gears for the MIP Pucks system for the ultimate in lightweight rotational mass! A must for 17.5 racing!